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1.On a company-wide basis, we adhere to environmental laws and regulations through compliance trainings for the employees and other activities. We have made efforts to reduce CO2 emissions to protect the environment to save energy by installing LED lighting and heat storage units.

2.The manufacturing department will make concerted efforts to save water and energy resources such as electricity. One example is promoting the use of single use bioreactors to avoid using a large quantity of washing water as otherwise required in the conventional culture tanks. Efforts to reduce the consumption of resources and wastes are also made in the production lines.

3.Sales Division is switching commercial vehicles over to hybrid cars in the effort to reduce CO2 emissions for a better global environment. Drive recorders are installed in each commercial vehicle to raise awareness of the sales representatives towards eco-friendly and safe driving.

As an added measure for reducing CO2 emissions, we introduced electric vehicles in 2015 and installed power feed systems at our headquarters and at each place of business. Sales Division will also sequentially switch over to electric vehicles as public charging stations become popular. In addition, in 2016 we installed a solar power generating system at our Research Institute (in Nishi-ku, Kobe) and keep up our efforts to maintain a sustainable society through reduction of CO2 emissions.We continue to promote resource and energy saving, and recycling activities and contribute to environmental protection and reduction of environmental burden for the society.

  • Work environment
  • Environmental activities
  • Social contributions
  • Rare disease