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JCR Acquires of “Kurumin” Certification to Support the Development of the Next Generation

In July 2018, JCR has received the “Kurumin” Certification from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), in compliance with certification criteria based on Japan's Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children.
【Main activities evaluated】

1. Promoting childcare leaves among male employees

2. Improvement of workplace environment, ensuring that every employee is able to easily obtain childcare leave

3. Support for returning to work, including measures for promoting the use of in-house childcare center

4. A review of the working style, such as reducing overtime work

We will continue to proactively engage in reforms of working styles and promote diversity, enabling every employee to display his/her talent and actively and comfortably engage in his/her tasks.

Creating an ideal workplace environment

We believe it important to create a workplace environment where every employee is able to display his/her talents and actively engage in his/her tasks with comfort.
To achieve this, we think it essential to promote creating such environment where employees can balance the demands of work, childrearing and nursing care, developing human resources for the Company’s sustainable growth, and also promoting improvement of corporate compliance while quickly responding to rapid changes in the social environment.
We will continue to commit on developing an ideal workplace for all of our employees through improving existing various support arrangements, reducing work hours by enhancing work efficiency, and promoting no-overtime work days, and paid holidays, facilitating employment of persons with disabilities and promoting the role of female employees.

Childrearing support program

We proactively engage in supporting our employees who have children. We provide assistance to establishing balance between work and childrearing by means of introducing a childcare subsidy in 2011 and opening a day-care center in our Research Institute building in 2015 (facility expanded in 2017).
While an increasing number of our employees benefit from maternity and childcare leave policy and reduced work hours system, we will continuously engage in improving our workplace environment.
  • Work environment
  • Environmental activities
  • Social contributions
  • Rare disease