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Awareness raising activities for rare diseases

As a company that has been engaging in the research and development of pharmaceuticals for rare diseases ever since its inception, JCR is involved in awareness-raising activities to support the patients.

Introduction of the RARE DISEASE Project team

We started the activities of the RARE DISEASE Project to contribute as much as possible to the cause of the patients suffering from rare and intractable diseases by further increasing our understanding of these diseases. We did this with a sense of responsibility and pride as members of a company that is taking up the cause of fighting these diseases.
This is a cross-sectional corporate awareness-raising project for all JCR employees to further increase their understanding of rare diseases, with “What JCR can do” as our motto.
We collect the information and share it with everyone in the company to increase their understanding of rare diseases as well as cooperate with and support self-help patient groups and supporting organizations that help people fight rare diseases.
At JCR, we promote awareness by creating motivational posters with the handprints of all our employees to express consideration for the patients, issuing e-newsletters and performing fundraising activities. In addition to our commitment to research and development of pharmaceuticals for rare diseases, JCR will also continue wide-ranging activities that will lead to support the patient community.

Rare Disease Day

From FY2015, we are a supporter of “Rare Disease Day” (the world rare and intractable disease day). There are patients suffering from rare and intractable diseases around the world, but total number of such patients can be small and mechanism of disease can be complicated. For some diseases, there has been almost no progress in research and development of therapeutics and methods of diagnoses. The Rare Disease Day activities began in Sweden in 2008 and aim to improve the quality of life for patients with rare and intractable diseases through better diagnoses and treatments. It is hoped that these activities would bridge the patients and the society and help increase awareness for rare and intractable diseases.

RDD 2018 Official video

Fundraising activity

To commemorate the Rare Disease Day, JCR organizes an activity that encourages employees to wear the Rare Disease Day official badge and raise funds in the company in February every year. Funds thus raised are donated to organizations working for the provision of information to patients with rare diseases, cooperation with healthcare professionals, promotion of research to develop therapies, and awareness-raising in the society.

Activity status

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