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Support for the “Award for Promotion of Maternal and Child Health”

JCR supports the “Award for Promotion of Maternal Child Health (sponsored by the Mothers' and Children's Health and Welfare Association).” This was established in 1979 in commemoration of the International Year of the Child. It aims for the further development of maternal and child health by encouraging the merits of individuals who have made a great contribution to the society and have contributed in the field of community-based maternal and child health through their activities, the diffusion of and education on healthcare, practical education and guidance of healthcare and also the maintenance and expansion of healthcare facilities.
The judging committee selects and recognizes fifteen award winners every year among candidates working in the field of maternal and child health. These candidates include public health nurses, midwives, nurses, doctors, dentists, dieticians, dental hygienists, childcare workers and maternal and child health promoters who have received recommendation from the head of prefectures, cities designated by government ordinance, core cities and special wards. After the awards ceremony, the award winners are invited to the Crown Prince’s Palace to meet His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and receive words of encouragement. We will continue to contribute to further development of maternal and child health by supporting the award for Promotion of Maternal and Child Health.

Photo courtesy: Mothers and Children's Health and Welfare Associations

Support for the Swiss nonprofit foundation “GLOBAL FOUNDATION FOR LIFE SCIENCES”

JCR continues to support the “Global Foundation for Life Sciences,” a nonprofit foundation established in Switzerland in 1999. This foundation supports the advancement of the life sciences, provides humanitarian assistance to various medically underprivileged countries and also provides support for the development of young researchers.
One example of the humanitarian assistance performed by this foundation is its support for the activities of the Swiss medical team of volunteers missioned to treat women suffering from obstetric fistula in West Africa every year. Obstetric fistula is a disorder that occurs as a result of obstructed labor, etc. and appropriate medical treatment is not given. A fistula forms because the pressure of the baby’s head on the mother’s pelvic bone for a sustained period of time causes necrosis of the tissue of the mother’s bladder, vagina or rectum. There are around two million obstetric fistula patients around the world and every year 100,000 women are newly diagnosed with this condition.
The volunteer doctors regularly visit hospitals in Benin in West Africa and perform activities for the elimination of obstetric fistula, the surgical treatment of patients and technical guidance for local doctors. JCR contributes to people’s health and the advancement of medical care through our support for this Foundation.

Donation to “MOMIJI HOUSE”, a short stay medical care facility

“Momiji House”, Japan’s first hospice for children built on the premises of the National Center for Child Health and Development (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) in April 2016.
At Momiji House, children who need constant medical care at home can receive medical care at any time. Those with serious illness and disabilities can spend time with their families feeling secure and at home. JCR supports the important mission and activities of Momiji House.


“Child Chemo House” (Chuo-ku, Kobe) is Japan’s first special treatment facility designed for improving the QOL (Quality of Life) of children with pediatric cancer undergoing medical treatments and also their families. At Child Chemo House, children can receive advanced treatments while having a normal life, spending time with their families in an environment similar to their own home. JCR supports the important mission and activities of Child Chemo House.

Contribution to the community

JCR provides support to its home prefecture, Hyogo, through co-sponsorship of events promoting development of the region.
●Kobe Festival
●Kobe Luminarie
●Relay for Life Japan in Ashiya
Furthermore, we host site tours to local high school students as an activity to support nurturing of the next generation. In addition to the site tour of JCR Research Institute, the students are introduced to JCR’s business, receive lectures on innovative drug development and participate in interactive discussion with our employees.We hope that these site tours would inspire young visitors to take interest in pharmaceutical business sector.
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