TOPSustainabilitySociety(Initiatives for the Workplace Environment)

JCR is working to create an ideal workplace environment for all employees, while engaging in various activities to contribute to society.

Initiatives for the Workplace Environment

Introducing flexible working systems to realize workstyle reforms

We believe that work and private life are both important, and have introduced a flexible working system that will help realize workstyle reforms, such as a flextime system and allowing employees to use their annual paid leave in hourly increments.

Supporting employees raising children

We have provided an in-house daycare center at the Research Institute for employees who are raising children. In addition, we provide a monthly childcare subsidy to support employees who are unable to use the in-house childcare center due to their work location. In recognition of these initiatives, we received the Kurimin certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in July 2018.

 In-house childcare center JCR Kids Land

Helping to create a work environment with an open and good atmosphere

We introduced a subsidy program for social events within departments in order to encourage closer relationships between coworkers. The program is applied to a wide range of events such as department welcome parties for new recruits, summer evening parties, and farewell parties for those who are transferring from the department or retiring. In November each year, we hold a Beaujolais Nouveau wine tasting event and a year-end party. Other events for creating a work environment with a good atmosphere include an annual lunchtime meeting with the directors. Furthermore, our biannual company magazine aims to encourage reader participation by running various features.

Creating an ideal workplace environment where employees can work comfortably

As an initiative to create an ideal workplace environment where employees can work healthily and comfortably, we are encouraging the use of annual paid leave. We also provide Group administration of influenza vaccinations and support employees aged 35 and over who wish to receive a comprehensive health check. To improve the workplace environment, we hold a monthly Safety and Health Committee meeting and assist one another to implement any necessary improvements. We also have a team of three selected corporate physicians, including one who provides mental healthcare as a designated mental healthcare physician. Furthermore, inside the Research Institute, we have created a space called “JCR Oasis” where employees can get a massage and refresh themselves during work.

Initiatives to foster a sense of belonging within the company

As a company that values people, we conduct a long-service award ceremony each year on our founding anniversary in September, and distribute baumkuchen cake to all employees as a commemorative gift. We also hold a founding anniversary golf tournament, in which many employees participate. In other initiatives, we observe Valentine’s Day by distributing cookies made by a local Hyogo Prefecture confectionery company to all employees. Each year from July to August, we hold around 10 internal briefings on our previous year’s financial results, mainly at the Head Office, the Research Institute, and our plants, to share information on the current status of JCR and its future direction.

Enhancing health and welfare

In preparation for its global development going forward, JCR conducts its annual Study Tour in Europe for employees who have been in JCR for more than three years. In 2018, 28 participants visited France and Luxembourg. JCR also strives to enhance employee benefits, signing contracts with several outsourcing companies that support leisure pursuits or efforts to gain qualifications, as well as providing services for employees and their families, such as child-raising support.

Enhanced training programs

JCR focuses its efforts on employee training, considering that improving employee skills leads to growth for the company. In their first month after joining JCR, new graduate recruits attend group training, which includes business etiquette, communication skills, presentations from each business division, practical training at plants and the Research Institute, and accompanying medical representatives in the field. We also conduct specific training for each employee rank regularly, as well as English language training.

Creating workplaces where women can participate actively

In October 2018, JCR was recognized in the Third Annual Hyogo Women’s Active Participation Awards for its efforts to expand career opportunities for women, raise the ratio of female employees in managerial positions (from 5.8% in FY2012 to 9.1% in FY2017), establish in-house daycare facilities, and encourage the participation of male employees in parenting activities. We also received Eruboshi certification (Grade 2) from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as an outstanding company with regard to promoting active participation of women based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.