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JCR announced today the five-year mid-term management plan for fiscal years (“FY”) 2015 through FY2019, ending March 31, 2020 (“the Mid-Term Plan”).

In this Mid-Term Plan, we have chosen the word “HIYAKU” (leap into the future) for its key concept as technologies and experiences accumulated to date are beginning to yield results and we are ready to advance toward the next stage. Furthermore, we have selected the following four focal points: (i) Advancing R&D activities one step beyond, (ii) reinforcing our capabilities via new businesses development, (iii) further enhancing “Business Structure” and “Product Strategy”, and (iv) reinforcing “Management Platform” in order to become an R&D oriented specialty pharma with global exposure.

Overview of the Mid-Term Plan

1. Vision of JCR

We aim to become an R&D oriented specialty pharma with global exposure built on proprietary biotechnologies and technologies supporting cell therapy and regenerative medicine which we have been developing since foundation.

2. Key concept

“HIYAKU”– Now is the time to leap into the future.

3.Focal points to achieve our goals

In order to advance to become an R&D oriented specialty pharma with global exposure, we will tackle the following focal points:

(i) Advancing R&D activities one step beyond
(ii) Reinforcing our capabilities via new businesses development
(iii) Further enhancing “Business Structure” and “Product Strategy”
(iv) Reinforcing “Management Platform”

4. Numerical targets on a consolidated basis

In FY2019, which is the last fiscal year covered by the Mid-Term Plan, we aim to achieve sales of 25 billion yen and increase operating profit to 5 billion yen by absorbing the increase in R&D expenses due to the progress of R&D projects.

  FY2018 (Actual results) FY2019 (Goal)
Sales 23.1 billion yen 25 billion yen
Operating Profit 4.9 billion yen 5 billion yen

5. Future business development

  • ・We will utilize our proprietary technologies for developing recombinant proteins, namely “J-MIG System”, “J-GlycoM” and “J-GlycoS” and launch new biopharmaceuticals in Growject® and ESA businesses and for rare diseases.
  • ・We will strive for continuous earnings expansion by launching JR-031 (mesenchymal stem cells), the first domestic regenerative medical product of allogeneic cells, for which marketing approval is anticipated by the end of this year.
  • ・For new business development, we will promote our licensing business which includes licensing-out of our proprietary technologies, such as “J-Brain Cargo”, a BBB penetration technology, to Japanese and overseas companies.
  • ・We will encourage global marketing of in-house developed products manufactured under our global standard production and quality assurance system through alliances with partners.
  • ・We will make cell therapy and regenerative medicine technologies a new R&D pillar and work on the development and creation of regenerative medical product following JR-031.