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Mid-Term Plan

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JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (TSE 4552; Chairman and President: Shin Ashida; “JCR”) announced its three-year Midterm Business Plan for FY2020-FY2022.

As we will be celebrating the 50-year anniversary in 2025 through our globalization in the 2020s, all aspects of our business and ourselves need to be revolutionized. Therefore, the keyword in the Midterm Business Plan for FY2020-FY2022 is “Henkaku”, which represents “Revolution into the Future”.

In the process of drawing up this plan, we have reviewed our history, values and characteristics and have forecasted the potentials for growth over the next 10 years. With the Mid- to Long-Term Management Vision “Toward 2030”, we will continue to take the following steps to realize our corporate image as a “Research-oriented specialty pharma with global exposure”.

  • ◎ Global specialty pharma in the rare disease arena
  • ◎ Continuing challenges to create “one step beyond” technologies based on our unique technology platform such as J-Brain Cargo®
  • ◎ Continuing challenges to keep on creating new values with “R&D” and “Manufacturing”
  • ◎ Continuing challenges with stalwart faith to contribute to rare diseases

Overview of Midterm Business Plan for 2020-2022 “REVOLUTION”

1. Keyword


“Henkaku” represents “Revolution into the future”.

By uniting our “Team JCR” capabilities, we will pursue our “REVOLUTION” in quality and quantity for business toward 2030.

For our globalization and the 50-year anniversary in 2025, we will revolutionize all aspects of our business and ourselves.

2. Important Business Challenges

We will be addressing the 6 important business challenges below in anticipation of our full-fledged globalization.

  • [1] In anticipation of growing presence of JCR in the rare disease area:
    Qualitative and quantitative reorganization of the quality assurance system
  • [2] For strengthening our foundation for profits:
    Action for sustainable growth of the sales of our products
  • [3] Exploring new therapeutic targets in addition to lysosomal storage diseases:
    Expansion of basic research activities
  • [4] For full-fledged globalization in the near future:
    Evaluation and implementation of further capital investment for manufacturing and research
  • [5] For maximizing business values in the lysosomal storage disease area:
    Product strategy planning including evidence generation
  • [6] For our full-fledged globalization:
    Transformation of operations and organizations along with human resource development


In terms of Sales, we set 32 to 36 billion yen for the final year of the plan, FY2022, with a steady year-to-year growth. With an adequate investment in R&D along with accelerated R&D activities of, among others, therapeutics for lysosomal storage diseases, we will be allocating around 20% and beyond, if required, of the sales for R&D expenditures. A target of Operating Income of 7 to 10 billion yen is expected, on top of additional increases in R&D expenditures.

  FY2019 (Actual) FY2022 (Target)
Sales 24.7 billion yen 32 to 36 billion yen
Operating Income 3.2 billion yen 7 to 10 billion yen
R&D expenditures ratio 24% Around 20% of sales

Regarding a dividend ratio, we set around 30% under a stable dividend policy, weighing an anticipation of our stockholders and the balance of financial soundness

4. Sustainability

In recognition of “realizing medical care for those living with rare diseases” as the basis for value creation, we focus on the area of “Rare Disease,” “Environment,” “Society” and “Corporate Governance”. Through our activities to address these challenges and to share and return the achievements to our stakeholders, we will commit to realization of sustainability in tune with the spirit “No one will be left behind” mentioned in the SDGs.

We will commit to expansion of sustainability efforts in quality and quantity in order to become a global specialty pharma company in the rare disease arena.

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